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For a facility with unique requirements, SteraMist BIT may be permanently incorporated to any volume of space to achieve area decontamination.

  • Fully automated with downloadable data

  • Customized for unique spaces and areas

  • H2O2 converted by plasma science

  • Product performance supported by GLP efficacy data

TOMI’s technology provides effective broad-spectrum air and surface decontamination. TOMI provides its Life Sciences customers the ability to maintain compliance with industry standards and government regulations. SteraMist BIT is streamlining decontamination protocols in verticals such as biosafety laboratories because it offers greater material compatibility, boasts significant efficacy, and is faster in treatment time compared to other decontamination options.

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  • PLC interfaces with building’s HVAC System for room isolation and aeration.

  • Two level security-password protected and visual and sensory indicators.

  • Automated and custom installed for ease of use.

  • Downloadable decontamination run data.

  • Real-time measurement of injection rates to ensure targeted injection volume.

  • An entire system can be developed for multiple rooms, various specifications, and controlled remotely through the NEMA interface.

One of the many Advantages SteraMist has over its Competitors
Six-Log kill "99.9999%" on all challenged Pathogens

No mixing required, no special clean up, no rinse, no wipe, no residue!

No hazardous DOT restriction for world-wide transportation, no special requirements for transportation!

No special storage requirements!

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